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Prediction by- Expert Astrologer Manchanda Karan and Expert Tarot Card Reader Preeti Sanjay
Horoscope For CAPRICORN
[ DOB - December 22 – January 19 ]


In 2020, you will remain immature and you can make some mistakes because of this.


Luck will not be very good in 2020, there will be some positive changes in your life in the first 6 months, you will take special decisions and a friendly environment will remain. In the last 6 months you may make some wrong decisions. You have a problem of negative thinking thus you will feel stressed, remorse for your mistakes.


You will listen to the doctor when you understand your health condition, but you can do some negligence because of your careless nature, which will harm you. Not only will you quickly return to your lifestyle after understanding your mistake, but you also will take the help of yoga.


You can be very careless about your health and take some food that will have a bad health effect. Also, you won't get anyone's opinion about money and savings. Only the decisions that you make will not be more profitable according to your thinking.

Business / Workplace

In the workplace, you will take more time on the projects which were not being done right by listening to the voice of your mind. Also, there are major chances of promotion. You will also be sent abroad on behalf of the company and will concentrate your mind on the same project.

Family & Love

There is hope of some good news in the family at the beginning of the year, good news will come in the house. On the other hand, if some problems are not taken care of properly, then the happiness that can come has the chance of turning it into sorrow. In personal life, you will cherish some old quarrels and sad memories, due to which you may be estranged from your family. In addition, happiness will stay away from you if you do not get away from your negative thinking.

Our Advice

We advise to you is to pay attention to the thoughts that come into your mind as well as to the brain. Adopt a dream of the soul. Not only will this help you, but it will also guide you. Therefore, you are going to look positively at the situation and solve the problems.