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Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing is the process of healing through energy. Under this, the practitioners boost affected body parts through energy. The benefits of Reiki Healing draw deep relaxation, stress release, mind relaxation and harmony. To commence the Reiki Healing process, a native requires submitting a photograph, permanent address, current address, and date of birth. Afterwards, they receive regular updates on an interval of 7 days. Alongside this, the native requires sharing updates about the recovery like what changes they have observed their body, functioning of the body parts or any other change they are observing after the therapy. The completion of the Reiki Healing takes a minimum of 30 days. However, if you are still not feeling comfortable, more work is done on your body parts till the time you get completely satisfied. Reiki Healing is a simple session of 60-90 minutes. It usually starts where the Reiki Professional presents an overview about the process to the customer. After that, the customer discusses any particular problem they are facing and what are they exactly want to achieve from the session. Further, the customer will is laid on a massage table on their back and their shoes removed. However, it can also be performed with the customer sitting on a chair as well. This session can either be hands-on, where a Practitioner will apply a light touch. However, if the customer doesn't feels comfortable the Therapist will go for a hands-off method where they will hold their hands above your body. Here the customer feels a warming sensation sometimes. However, it will be a very relaxing and pleasant session.

What is AstroMall?

Your Exclusive Online Astrology Store

Looking for an astrological remedy? Well, they come in all shapes, sizes, colours and sometimes are literally intangible. And at AstroMall, we have all of them, only to help you find ultimate healing and solace. AstroMall, as a spiritual store, is a one-stop destination for all your astrological requirements. Wait, did we say only astrological requirements? Well, to be very honest, even if you don’t have a knack for astrology, still you can visit the AstroMall store to seek mental and health well-being products and services like Reiki healing, Healing oil for joint pain, Healing Soundtracks for comfort, and so much more. And a hush; hush secret, while many people literally get confused about what gift to give someone, but you, now that you have discovered AstroMall, can take a tour of the same and select from hundreds of products that you can gift to your loved ones.  

Now for the ones who are entwined with astrology and really wish to extract the energy of various astrological products as a remedy to their problems, you can simply do it through AstroMall. At AstroMall, we have a range of products starting right from Gemstones, Yantras, Evil Nazar and many more if you have been looking for one. All these things, available on AstroMall, are personally checked by the expert astrologers for their purity and capability to excel at what they are made for. AstroTalk takes the guarantee of the genuineness of all the remedial products you get from AstroTalk. Also, if you wish, these remedy products and services available on AstroMall can be further energised as per your requirements to bring you the desired results. You can get practical, remedial solutions to stay protected, positive and strong during negative times; and make optimum use of the good times. From our store, you can get whatever is needed to help you tread through roadblocks in your life. 

With that being said, a little sneak peek into the products we offer at AstroMall won’t harm, right? So beginning from some of the most sorted ones, we have:


Do you know that there is a gemstone for every rashi? And honestly, you don’t even require an astrologer to tell you the wonders a gemstone can do for you. Gemstones are one of the most sought after remedial products on AstroMall. And that is not only for their top-notch quality but also their sheer power that attracts positive energy from the native wearing it, thus allowing them to lead a positive and fulfilling life. The composition of a gemstone resembles various elements that are present in nature. These elements, when entwined together, give birth to energy as pure as rich as the biosphere. Gemstones help in rejuvenating and aligning your chakras and thus become even more important. However, if you ever plan to buy a gemstone, make sure you find out what gemstones are good for your rashi and what gemstones are not.  


Avail the blessing of Lord Shiva by procuring this immensely powerful product. Most people literally get surprised when they find out how there are so many types of rudraksh available on AstroMall and how each of them offers its own set of benefits. For example, there are multiple variants of Rudraskh, and each of them is associated with different planets. Rudraksh as a remedy and healing product is derived from the word Rudra, which is another name of Shiva and Aksha, which means Lord Shiva's tears. Many people, before they buy a Rudrashaka, often get worried about its originality. This is where AstroTalk stands out. AstroMall does not only take the responsibility of originality of the Rudrashka you are purchasing but also offer a ten-day return and replacement policy, just in case you are not satisfied with the product.

Evil Nazar

Evil Nazar is yet another most sought after astrological remedial product available on AstroMall. Did you know that the evil eye is not a superstitious belief but is supported scientifically via the thoughts of waves? Evil nazar is simply the result of someone else's negative thoughts making landfall in your space and thus working as a buri nazar that could delay your progress and well being. The remedies to ward off buri nazar are many and one among those is getting your hand on the evil ratna. 

Spells Remedy 

Make way because the best seller is here. Spells are simply enchanted to help you deal with problems in love, career, finance and much more. These spells work as numerous mantras are chanted by the astrologer only to create an aura around you. This aura thus protects the natives from any sort of negative vibes in terms of love, finance and more. The spell remedy is really approving as the astrologers performing these are firstly, the master of the art, and secondly, assure that you are completely satisfied with the spell casting remedy. 

Online Puja

Puja is one of the many ways to connect with the divine. A Puja, if performed in the right way, assures that your life brims with positivity and prosperity in and out. So if you seek to get any puja done, then AstroTalk has in its shell that service for you. You can book different types of pujas from the AstroMall like Rahu Shanti Puja, Mangal Shanti Puja, Satyanarayan katha and so on. These pujas, when booked, are performed by expert pandits of AstroTalk while keeping all the auspices like Vedic rituals including, Vedic hymns, mantras, and invocations in the mind. 


The next very special astrological healing products are yantras. A Yantra is a mystical diagram that shares a connection with corresponding God and planets. At AstroMall, we have multiple types of Yantras right from Guru Yantra to Shani Yantra to Rahu Yantra. One can purchase these yantras if recommended by an astrologer and keep them at home to create an aura of positivity and make it easy for them to establish a connection between a person and the specific deity. Keeping these Yantras at home works to strengthen the influence of a deity or planet in your Kundli so you always have their blessings and are protected from their wrath. 

Healing Remedies

While all the above products are specially related to astrology but then there are also some that especially focus on your mental and physical well being, for example - Reiki healing, Healing oil, theta healing and more. The stress that people are subjected to in today's world is the sole cause of their sorrow. However, like everything else, astrology has a solution for this stress too. Availing an expert healing session from AstroMall allows you to vent and untangle mental stiffness. These healing sessions enhance your focus and build a strong mental foundation for you to stay in. Meanwhile, the healing oils are the best gift for anyone dealing with joint pains and any such issues. 

So these were some of over 500 products and services that you can get from AstroMall. The ones that didn’t find mention are Pyramids, Palmistry, Face Reading and many more. All these products are approved by the best-learned astrologers of AstroTalk to ensure that you are always getting the best at the most logical price. 

To find more information about the remedy products, you can connect with us through this number - +91 960 604 7081. Also, You can chat with astrologer or talk to astrologer to find what gemstones or yantra you must buy to ward off any problem that you might be facing.

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