Understanding the Supremacy of Leo woman


Leo: The queen of the Jungle is the most extroverted and dramatic woman in all zodiac with some fundamental contrasts. Comprehensively, she is quite candid and fairly predictable despite having a magnetism that draws plenty of attention in-crowd. You can never neglect the presence of a Leo for her entertaining, passionate, mad creative and insanely gorgeous charm. 

Leo Dates – July 23 – August 22

Miss Leo is quite cautious, unlike a male Leo when it comes to matters of the heart as she does not easily fall in love. However, when she does, she falls hard, she falls deep. 

Here, we shall explain to you in detail what makes a woman born under the sign of Leo so sensitive yet dominating. There are going to be some key points that can help you enhance your relationship with her. It is essential to grasp this understanding in order to preserve a precious relationship if you are in connection with the lioness.

First Impression of a Leo Woman

Nobody can pretend not to notice this strong presence. When she walks in with her innate ability to just light up any place. Queen Leo is unabashedly fierce, loud and outspoken.

This lady has opinions about almost everything. And never shies away from voicing her viewpoints. Anyway, Is there anything sexier in the world than a woman voicing her opinions and opening her heart? Because that’s what a Leo woman is all about. Apart from that, she’s an extremely affectionate and caring woman, especially towards her family and close friends.

Leo woman

Sometimes, she might have an impression of being self-absorbed, instead, she is actually hella smarter than she’s given credit for. She knows more than anyone how unfair that is to mistake her confidence for arrogance. Hence she has a shorter temper than many others, resulting in everyone else to presume that she doesn’t care about people’s feelings, at first. 

Besides, the lioness is quite used to being the star of the show in all the positive ways. Notorious for being the chief of the group, this alpha woman unfailingly stands out in a crowd for their unique contributions. 

Without disregarding that she appears radiantly self-confident and independent, she’s actually very much reliant on recognition, affirmation, and love of others. Miss Leo’s passion for life is something that draws people in, alongside the certainty that she’s wonderful at using her humor to lighten up any situation. 

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Physical Appearance of a Leo Woman

Those feline big and warm eyes, bushy brows, buttoned nose and childlike blush on her cheeks set on an evident rectangular jaw. Her blooming, healthy skin has a reddish-golden tint on it bestowing her with this heartwarming, lethal smile.

Yes, her smile is something you should look out for. It’s like the flush of blood gushes to her cheeks when she expresses her tenderness. It’s very easy to spot a Leo lady because she would actually look a lot like a lioness.

Her one of the most prominent features includes a head full of hair that is dense yet silken usually in the reddish or blondish shade with pinned back slightly smaller ears.

Leo woman

Miss Leo is magnanimous, kind-hearted, bright & devoted, she draws people towards her with her warmth and inner charisma, all thanks to her ruling planet Sun. There is a noticeable swagger in their walk. She walks like a queen and carries herself with so much pride and honor.

Referring to her extrinsic majestic appearance, her proportions are usually harmonious with rather a tall stature and long legs but there are some with short stature too. Ultimately her overall presence will give you an impression of the nobleness and class that she wears like a cloak. There is some sort of grandeur in the air around her.

What sets a Leo Lady apart from others?

Extrovert: As royalty among the zodiacs, as well as a fire sign ruled by the Sun, the center of the universe itself, she relishes being the center of attention.

Along with that, miss feline is extremely straightforward and independent lady, she earns her own living and does her own thing. As you’ll get to know them you’ll realize that while having a reputation for being somewhat dramatic and egoistic, life for this lion lady can never be boring. And not to mention- she lives for the attention.  

Leo woman

Ambitious: Her hunger for power and authority makes her hella ambitious. And her courage, confidence, and determination undoubtedly back her up in the process of achieving those goals. She is a born leader and feels her obligation to rise on the top of the heap. 

Selfless: A lioness has big dreams and a bigger heart. The primary traits of a Leo woman are her gusto for life and her warm soul. Warmth and selflessness are just as important to lady Leo as ambitions and accomplishments.

Regardless of being loud and exuberant on the surface, she is extremely generous at the core. She is always ready to help the needy, be it friends, family or strangers.

Fearless: She’s sympathetic and noble and all but when someone tries to trouble her loved one she turns her rash temperament on and becomes this sarcastic, fearless lioness.

Yet she is so warm-hearted and affectionate that this negative trait many times looks insignificant in the grand overview. She is very possessive for her close ones and quite mysterious and sensual at the same time that most men don’t mind being possessed by her.

These were a few points to mention the deep details about the magnetism of a Leo lady. Also, you might like to grab some information regarding the perfection of a Virgo Woman. 

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