6 Zodiac Signs That Stalk Their Ex The Most


Aries are one of the most passionate and determined zodiac signs. They can also be stalkers, relentlessly pursuing their passions with great intensity.


Cancerians are emotional and sensitive beings. They shall appear as silent people but will stalk their ex and would want to be back with them.


Leos can be prone to being blatant stalkers. They intensely require to be close to the people they love or used to love.


When they are out of a relationship, they tend to become trouble. You will find them looking after their partners’ last-seen status, follow them in the weirdest manner possible. 


When a relationship ends for a Sagittarius, they become someone they never thought they would be. They chase their partners to no limits until they are over them.


To them, the hardest part is to accept the fact their partner has moved on. Their immense passion makes them stalk their ex.

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