Aakanksha Jhunjhunwala
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English, Hindi, Gujarati
9 Years
About me
I am Vedic Astrologer and Tarot Card Reader along with that I have done Master’s in Psychotherapy and Counseling. In order to help clients more accurately, I combine all the different studies into the counselling session. This helps me resolve complex situations in life with a different and unique perspective. I have acquired knowledge of Vedic Astrology from a very renowned company and worked with among most experienced Astrologer’s Team for quite a few years. However, my journey in Astrology field started in July 2011 when I finished studying Tarot Reading Course and healing courses. Gradually, everything began to connect and it lead me to do psychotherapy course which helped me understand the emotional well being of the person’s life in a much better way. Though, everything was going smoothly, there was still scope of improvement and need more guidance to do better. Fortunately, I got connected to most experienced Astrologer’s Team and they helped me groom my skills and knowledge of this mystical world. I was trained in varied sections like tele-consultancy, content development and online consultancy which helped me improve my counselling skills. My articles have been published based on astrological prediction of celebrities and general prediction of Zodiac Signs on planetary transits. Additionally, Article based on Tarot Reading was published about Predictions of the Year on Zodiac Sun Signs and it includes various articles on the Indian Hindu Festivals and mythological stories behind them as well. All these are additional skills apart from my main role to predict and resolve confusions in other person’s life. Due to these experiences, it helped me gain in depth knowledge of this mystical world. All the topics of articles mentioned above have been published in popular astrology websites and have gained lot of recognition. Throughout all these years, my main focus was to seek some unique ways to help people find solutions to their problem and get rid of all the orthodox or conventional way to analyse the life’s situation. Astrology is an ancient subject and it is very important to evolve these studies in our current mindset to make layman understand it. Hence, I combine my astrological knowledge and psychotherapy techniques to resolve problems or conflicted areas in life. In this century, it is very important to understand the reason behind our struggles rather than knowing the time duration of it. Basically, I focus on how you can take control of your life without getting dependent on anyone else. So, it’s time that everyone take advantage of astrological studies to guide each and everyone’s life in a right direction instead of getting rely on it.


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