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I am AditiM and I use Tarot and Angel Oracle cards to help you and improve your life. In past 6 months, these are some ways in which I helped my clients on Astrotalk- A client came to me, her marriage was getting delayed. She was very disappointed.. I did a 10 Card detail spread for her, and it showed me her conscious and subconscious blockages in her life and a karmic remedy she needed to do. She met a her life partner on matrimonial site, as she had more clarity and courage. A client came to me, her fiance was behaving in a weird manner. He was very concerned how her behaviour had suddenly changed. He wanted to know about the future of the relationship, what she thinks and feels about him, he is she the right partner for him in this life. I did a tarot card reading, it showed me that she’s going through some stress and is trying to deal with it. The card also showed that they are soulmates and will live a good life together. It helps him plan better for his love life and future. A regular client came to me and told me she wasn’t getting a good job since a long time now. With the help of the reading, we discovered the steps that she needed to take, clarity that she needed to have in her mind, decision to make. She matched her resume and her past experience with a job she wanted, did some easy remedies that I told her and she got her dream job in a MNC. A client came to me, he was very ambitious in life but he was very confuse about his career. He wasn’t clear about his strengths and his personality and which career he will become extremely successful in. We did a personality tarot reading and then explored Tarot further for his dream job and career. He got clear answers and instead of preparing for two paths, he prepared for one path, focused on it and achieved his goal. Tarot, Oracle cards, angels are very powerful way to make decisions in life. It is the most helpful tool that will help you make decisions in life in relationships, career, finances, travel, education, happiness etc. I can tell you what Universe wants you to know about your future and what should you be doing in your present with help of my strong connection with Tarot and Angels. It’s important that you connect with your tarot card reader, feel comfortable and open able to open up with your past experiences. Let’s start our journey here, give me a chance to hear you out and help you improve your lives.

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