Anamika Jain

English, Hindi
8 Years
About me
Anamika Jain is a Vedic & KP Astrologer and Tarot Reader from Delhi having more than 8 years of experience in the same field. In 1993, she attained her graduation degree in BA in Arts from Delhi University. Furthermore, in 2016, she accomplished her MA in astrology and is a Research holder in Prashna Astrology. Moreover, she is a trained nursery teacher. To gain deeper knowledge about analyzing horoscopes, she practices Cuspal Interlink Theory. According to her, astrology is a divine science which can truly help others in all sorts of ordeals in their lives. She is a professional Tarot Reader and specialize in Chakra Balancing and healing through crystals. In addition, she is practicing Kundalini yoga for past 25 years, which help enable her to know to root cause of the problem. Clients visit her with diverse life problems like relationship, marriage, finance, business, education and several others. Likewise, she has a client case spanning several cities across India. Thereby, she is one of the Best Vedic Astrologer in India. Till date, she has received several appraisals and acknowledgements for her work in the field of astrology.


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