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9 Years
About me
Anupama is a renowned Astrologer having an experience of more than 8 years in the field of Vedic Astrology. As she was born in a Madhwa Brahmin family so Astrology became a part of her life since her childhood. She did her graduation in Commerce from Bangalore University. Being a Finance and Accounting professional she believes that Astrology and Finance are somehow related to each other because both of them make use of scientific calculations which enables a very practical and logical approach in predictions. She has analyzed more than 5000 charts and one thing she has noticed that in the west most of the people go to psychologists for mental well being and stability but in India, people believe in Astrology and it has equal capability to ease sufferings and provide a peaceful mind. She also believes that Astrology is an art which connects people to their soul. She helps people to improve their state of mind by showing them their strengths and weaknesses to work out and reduce their karmic burdens. Apart from all these things, she is a multilingual person who knows German and Japanese as well apart from Hindi, English, and Kannada. She has customers from different countries because she loves to interact with new people, know about their issues and provide them with the best possible remedy. She also provides consultation regarding various issues including Travel Abroad Consultation, Marriage Consultation, Career and Business, Love and Relationship, Wealth and Property, Education Consultancy, Legal Matters, Health Consultation and much more.


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