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Aaru is a Tarot Reader. My inclination towards divination and determination to help others propelled me to pick up my first tarot deck and it is from there that my captivation and fascination for tarot came to life. For me, tarot readings are a way to get folks to relax while I am performing clairvoyant readings by responding to the complex issues. Just like the first card of the tarot, "the fool", I believe that there's a fool in all of us who is young, open and daring enough to take any risk. But to make a leap of faith and to be like it, we need someone who can laughingly persuade us to trust and take a chance in real life for enjoying the ride. While we all have the solutions to our problems, we do not necessarily have the keys to unlock those solutions and therefore, I act as the channel for the querents to find the solutions to the problems through the cycle of life and flow of soul in order to excel at all aspects of our lives.

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