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Atulya is a renowned Astrologer with an experience of more than 30 years in the field of Astrology. He is a Vedic Astrologer and learnt this divine science from his late Father who he considers as his inspiration. he has followed his passion for Vedic Science for the last three decades. Moreover, He has further built on his knowledge acquired from his father by formal astrological course, books, discussions with knowledgeable Jyotishacharyas and huge experience of chart reading. An Army Officer, a qualified electrical engineer and an MBA from FMS, Delhi Atulya always had astrology as first love. Meeting people from different walks of life and analyzing their charts during the last three decades has filled him with an enviable store of astrological predictive knowledge. With a sound mathematical base and knowledge in astronomy by virtue of his degree in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering, Atulya has studied the effects of cosmic planetary positions on our physical body, emotional self and astral identity. The human is an integral part of the universe separated mainly by the ego. However, the soul carries with it all the past karmas which follow the natural law of action and reaction. The timing of the effect of karma is in control of the omnipresent superpower which is written in cosmos. The picture of the universe at the time of birth from the location of birth provides with all the birth charts along with Dashas. By the grace of God, Atulya is able to read these cosmic writings and communicate these to the native. His all predictions done by using Divisional Charts, Dashas, Transit and Ashtakvarga etc. and due importance is given to Nakshatras, Grahas and Rashis. He Starts with the Lagna chart in association with Moon and Navamsha, Acharyaji uses dasha systems for timing and Vargas for event determination. Gochar is integrated before giving final predictions.



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