Acharya Bhaskar

English, Hindi, Punjabi
16 Years
About me
Acharya Bhaskar Verma comes from a Punjabi family. Alongside being a Science graduate he has been a Hanuman devotee. He achieved his wisdom from hardship and austerity for God. Acharya Bhaskar has been a donor since his childhood days and his compassion draws root from his grandmother’s devotional and spiritual teachings. He believes in donating and considers Daan a positive part of life. Acharya Bhaskar had a strong affection towards the Art of Astrology and Prediction. After his graduation, he indulged himself into a deep study and research of Astrology. Nonetheless, for him, it took time to get a chance to learn Astrology. Later, when he got married, he finally commenced his Astrological studies from NC Lehri Ephemeris in the year 2003. He believes Lord Sun is the planet which helped him accomplish his ambition of learning Astrology. Accompanied by experience and knowledge of Shasta like Parashar Hora Shastra, Bhrigu Sahinta, etc, he has an experience of over 16 years. Along with the acumen of Shastra, Acharya Bhaskar holds expertise in Vaastu. Also, he considers it to be a celestial science. This is what led him to gain in-depth knowledge of Vaastu and its effects. Acharya Bhaskar gives his compassionate behavior and faith in goodness all the credit for choosing astrology as a career. He mentions that Astrology makes him build a connection with miracles of life. With an experience of over 30000 horoscopes, he is one of the best Astrologers in India and he offers solutions to all the problems of his clients.


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