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DeepikaS is a Tarot reader, it is actually much more than predictions of what will happen the day or a woman with bold makeup looking into a crystal ball. Tarot helps you connect to the higher level of your subconscious mind and taps in the limiting beliefs in your mind to find solutions that you might have not focused on consciously. Her Tarot Journey unfolded supernaturally, and she was on her way to finding herself, finding her calling, and finding her life purpose. Now she is a Tarot Reader & a Teacher and not only has her life changed, but she has seen the Tarot empower her clients and give them so much guidance and direction when they are going through the worst situations in life. Tarot cards are ways to look into your subconscious. It will only create negativity if you think so. What you think, you attract. Tarot is a science- beyond what your mind can understand. She works in both corporate and astrology fields. She has a specialized MBA in events and PR, a master's in Tarot Card Reading, along with certifications in six sigma black belt, PMP, and TQM. She has spread her love and positivity not only in India, but all over the world, including in the UK, US, Finland, Brisbane, Canada, Ontario, and Leicester, and has so far helped more than 10,000 clients.

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