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About me
Deevyaa is a famous Reiki Healer and Tarot Reader from Delhi having more than 1 year of experience in the field of astrology. She attained the divine knowledge of astrology and spiritual world from Nonah Khanna, a renowned Psychotherapist and a Reiki Grandmaster. In addition, Deevyaa Joshi she is a professional Interior Designer. According to her, an individual’s past life Karma events decide their fate. In order to combat those circumstances and surroundings where an individual find themselves in a box. She provides Healing which can reduce the effect of negative energy from their lives and bring loads of prosperity, good fortune, health and wealth to them. According to her, Tarot Reading is the most profound Astrology practice which determine one’s past, present and future. Further, it also enables her in understanding the astrology answers for sidelining those typical events affecting an individual’s life. She is known to be one of the best astrologer for astrology online. Deevyaa Joshi is also one of the best Astrologer in Delhi for online astrology consultation.


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