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DevendraaS is an Astrologer from Rajasthan. He is passionate about Astrology and Occult Sciences. He has read many reference books on astrology and started initially through self-studies and learning from various astrologers. He predicts very simple remedies. He is skilled in Vedic, K.P., Jamini, Nadi Astrology and Vastu. For him, Astrology is not just a Panchang tool but it is more about Karmic theory, the science of Universe and energy which is derived from Vedas and Upanishads. Astrology is a divine blessing through which we can transform our lives. It gives guidance on how to live life in a better way, and how to understand the things happening around us in day-to-day activities where we usually don’t pay attention. He is exploring more in Medical Astrology, “Prarabdh Karma” and “Modern Vastu”. He suggests to his clients the remedy of Pooja, Recite Mantra, Gemstones, Vastu Corrections, Color Therapy and most important behavioural changes. He believes whatever is happening to us is happening due to our Karmic account. When we start accepting the Stars transit in a positive way, the direction of life changes.

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