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My name is Divya, An Akashic Record Reader, Tarot Card Reader, and Spiritual Trainer. Since childhood, I found myself very different from others. Questions like who are we, why are we born, and what is the cause of unhappiness in life, used to come to my mind ever since I was very young. It is said that when life looks miserable and useless that is the calling from the spiritual world and that is the first stage of spiritual awakening. Through my experience, I learned that problems come into our lives to take us back to spirituality. I have seen many people running to astrologers when they are in a problem. My aim is to help people genuinely to come out of the deepest and oldest problems and make their life for their highest good. The idea is to take charge of your own life and make it work best for you. The first step is always to surrender yourself to God. Through my experience, the easiest and most effective, and quick way to heal yourself is to heal your akashic records. So follow me for the REALIGNMENT of your MIND BODY & SOUL !!!



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