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22 Years
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"Vriksho Rakshati Rakshith" Save the Trees, they will save you forever. Kanhaiyaa (World's one and only Vedic - Tree Astrologer (TM)) doing spiritual work in Tree Astrology (TM), Vaastu & Spiritual Sealing from Delhi having an experience of more than 21 years He belongs to the Raj Purohit family of Tehri Maharaj of Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand. He did his Shastri (B.A) in Astrology and Acharaya (M.A) in Karam kand from Lal Bahadur Shastri University, New Delhi. He did his P.H.D. in Astrology including the subject of Pourohitya from HNBG University, Sri Nagar, Garhwal, Uttarakhand. He is well expert in giving advises and since 1998 in Delhi, Mumbai & abroad (U.K, Canada, Russia, Kazakhstan, Philippines, South Africa, and Australia). His customers include people from abroad and those who are sitting on prominent positions as well. He is blessed with very good knowledge of Tree Astrology (TM), Vaastu, Karam kand, and other various subjects. His remedies and solutions are mainly based on Trees and Plants which makes him stand out from the crowd. His results are found to be very accurate by most of his customers. His predictions and solutions are based on scientific knowledge and do not propagate myth and fear. Apart from all these things, he is a very straight forward person he does not play with the sentiments of his customers. He has done proper and full-fledged research on various trees and plants like health/prosperity based on the ancient methods which our Rishis & Munis practised. He also suggests the right way of plantation like when should we plant, how should we plant, where should we plant, what type of plant and most important what colour of plant it should be as per the direction. He believes that Plants are the most useful and powerful living creatures on earth, they can fulfil your all wishes only when you have the proper idea on how to use and utilise them. He has been honoured with the title "Excellence In Astrology" by Samman Patra (Amar Ujala). He is also awarded by the Chief Minister of Uttarkhand. "Think positive & the things will be positive" Tree Bless you all Kanhaiyaa (World's one and only Vedic - Tree Astrologer (TM))


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