Dr. Somendra Shukla

English, Hindi
16 Years
About me
Dr Somendra Shukla comes from the family of astrologers, he has learnt the basics of astrology from his father Late Dr Someshwar Dayal Shukla who had achieved eminence in Vedic astrology and authored the award-winning the book “Aathven Dasha K ke jyotishi”. Dr Somendra has completed his degrees B.Tech., M.Tech. and PhD in Electronics Engineering from Govt of India ). He has taught the behaviour of subatomic particles at various Universities to his undergraduate engineering students. His study of fundamental particles while teaching electronics helped him to understand the relation between the universe and living beings. He supports the Vedic view that all the entities in the Universe are related to each other and the behaviour of every entity affects other entities, and the exploration of this very fact to predict the behaviour of entities is astrology. Because of the family background, he chooses to pay his attention to Vedic Astro-science and for last 16 years, Somendra is known in his circles for horoscope analysis and predictive astrology, Somendra has mastered the science of prediction through his work on Hybrid Predictive Methodologies based on BPHS ( Parashari system) and other Vedic and post Vedic literature.


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