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Hansraj has a deep understanding of life's matter through multiple tools like Tarot cards and psychic readings. Born in Punjab, he grew up in India. Then he lived overseas for many years, especially Australia. He is a certified Meditation teacher, certified Energetic Bodywork healer, certified Reiki healer as well as a certified yoga teacher. He has over 10 years of experience in meditation and working with energy. Over the years he has developed a keen sense of intuition. He believes that everyone is connected energetically to the world around us. As a reader, one can energetically connect to another person irrespective of the distance between them. Such a study is most helpful for youth who are stuck in their life and are interested to know far more valuable things than just predictions. His vision in life is to provide a proper road map for a better living. He says that we as humans are connected deeply with the universe around us. Thus our daily life gets affected by the people we interact with, the food we eat as well as the thoughts we think! He specializes in relationships like love and romantic relationship. And is very good in helping and guiding you through your situation. Not only from a Tarot perspective but also from a real-life perspective. Because the partner we choose is a reflection of our own mind. We need to understand ourselves and our minds to get a deeper understanding of why we have chosen a partner. And also how to develop healthy relationships based on love and respect rather than "needy and clingy" love where both people are hurting each other.



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