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About me
Jaydeep is certified Vedic Astrologer from Mumbai having more than 6 years of experience in the same field. In 2017, he attained his degree in BMS in Finance. He is currently pursuing his M.Com degree in Accounts and Finance. Till date, he has received several degrees in the field of astrology. He attained his degree in Astrology from Navyug Jyotish Shikshan Sansthan, Delhi. Later, he achieved his degree in Nadi Astrology from Shri Sadguru Vidya Vikas Sansthan, Mumbai. In addition, he accomplished more such degrees into Astrology in fields like Tarot Reading, Numerology, Palmistry and Vasthu Shastra. At a very early age, he established his interest in astrology. Subsequently, he commenced learning astrology by watching videos and reading books, which provided him with divine knowledge in the same field. To gain more knowledge and experience, he did a course in Numerology and Palmistry. He is one of the Best Numerologists in India. According to him, Astrology is a divine map enable one to project the right direction to the people with the most profound consultancy and right guidance. He provides his clients with the most potential and soothing remedies. He client base include numerous national and international clients. Till date, he has received various appraisals and acknowledgements for his contribution in the field of astrology like Jyotish Gaurav award in 2017, Jyotish Martand award in 2018 and Jyotish Surya award in 2018. He has a massive online presence in Astrology and is also associated with various Astrology groups. Moreover, he is also pursuing his CIMA from UK.


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