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My name is Karandeep. I am a Certified Tarot Card Reader. I have been helping people by providing them with the correct path in their life mentally & spiritually. Not only this I am also a Pendulum Dowsing Expert, Reiki Healer & NLP Practitioner. I once went through tarot card reading for myself in the year 2007 since then I got very much connected and fascinated with tarot cards & I started learning & practicing Tarot cards with my friends, family & colleagues. After reading with them, when they used to praise my skill and reading used to resonate with them, I used to feel so happy and self-motivated. If you feel stuck in your life, be it a relationship, marriage, career, job, spirituality, etc. you are most welcome to connect with me through this platform. Life is unpredictable, it's a journey to be enjoyed with all the skills & abilities that God has given us as an opportunity to learn and develop. I will provide you with all the divine guidance along with easy remedies where ever required. Welcome the Divine Guidance in the form of energy to make your life smooth & a better place to live.

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