Acharya Kishor Gwari

5 Years
About me
Born into a humble family in Uttarakhand, Pandit Shastri Kishor Gwari has completed his education from the prestigious Jwalpa Dhaam Sanskrit Maha Vidyalaya and obtained his degree in BA Sanskrit from Sachidanand Ved Bhavan Sanskrit Maha Vidyalaya, Rudraprayag. He learned the intricacies of astrology for 3 years from Acharya Premlal Upadhaya, one of the most prominent Acharyas in Haridwar. Also, gained a certificate from Rajdhani Jyotish Institute of Delhi. Pandit Gwari has been helping his clients for the past 5 years and his predictions have been accurate throughout this time. His areas of expertise include love, relationships, career, finance, family, etc. He has experience in reading Janam Kundli and gives solutions for problems coming in day to day life e.g. how to get success in the carrier, Children not showing interest in the study, delay in the job, disagreement at home, in tension because of an enemy, getting in debt. Delay in getting married, not having a child on time, delay in completing work and health problem. Inauspicious things in life e.g. “Kaalsarp yog”, “Manglik dosh”, “Pitar Dosh” and regarding “Love life”. Also “Garho ki Pooja”, to know “Position of planets”, “Precious stone” and when/which stone to keep. To win the case and to know regarding business. He can be also contacted for “Grah Pravesh”, right time for buying & selling properties, “Marriage”, “Naamkarana”, “Chudakarm”, to know auspicious day for “Solah sanskar” and daily horoscope. Matching horoscope, to know about “Past”, “Present” and “Future”


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