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when I was attending my pre higher secondary classes I started learning Vedic astrology, I have done bachelor of science and masters in business administration. After I joined the cable industry, got many achievements and a handsome salary with the post of general manager. During this, I kept on learning and working on my Vedic astrology skills. Seven years ago, I left my nice former job, I made astrology my only profession, during this Journey I did horoscope analysis for many big clients and till now I am giving predictions for such big clients on regular basis. It's been many years I am giving prediction and horoscope analysis, my prediction and analysis are research-based, I use " षडवर्ग " Kundali charts, to analyse and predict. I have strong knowledge of Devine charts and rich experience of huge clients as an "astrologer ". I have been always taken Vedic astrology as a science and a subject of research. I always think and talk about logical reasons while it is astrology to help people with their various issues in professional, personal, and health matters.

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