Neha Wahi

English, Hindi
5 Years
About me
Neha is a renowned Astrologer with an experience of more than 5 years in the field of Astrology. She is a certified Tarot Card Reader and offers guidance for a positive future for the benefit of the people. She attained her Tarot degree from Divine Eye Divination Center. She is a Graduate from Delhi University. She is serving people from the last 5 years with her immense knowledge and experience. Her motive in life is to provide guidance and to help the people who are facing problems in their lives. Using tarot cards she can provide solutions related to career, financial, relationship, marriage and much more. She believes that Astrology is a spiritual art that connects people to their internal soul and she wants herself to be a medium that can connect people to their internal soul. She is very well expert of Tarot Cards and the remedies she provides are very easy and much effective, she believes that Tarot Cards guide us about our past karma's which helps us to turn own negative energies into positive ones. She treats her customers in a very friendly manner and tries to solve their problems and issues on a personal level.


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