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English, Hindi, Punjabi
18 Years
About me
Bachelor of Engineering, MBA having 17 years of experience in the field of Vedic astrology and interpreting horoscopes. I have participated in many international conferences of System Approach to Vedic astrology conducted by late Professor V K Choudhry who had always been my idle in the field of astrology. I had associated with him for almost 10 years and gained a lot of knowledge. My passion is learning new things of diverse backgrounds. System Approach to Vedic astrology is scientific in nature and is vastly followed in many countries like US, Europe, UK, Singapore, India. It helps people to know scientific reasons for happenings or mis-happenings in their lives. Being an engineer as well as an astrologer I can adjust longitudes and latitudes by aligning their place of birth to give accurate predictions to the client. I have worked in MNC corporates for almost 23 years and expert in providing guidance related to all the issues including Career, Health, love life, finance, and marriage. After completing my education I started working in the corporate sector but during the initial years of my career, I did not experience much growth for almost7 years though I had excellent qualifications then after that astrology acted as a stepping stone for my success. My fascination and interest towards astrology helped to find the reason behind it and I further continued my study and started doing astral remedies based on it and these remedies helped me a lot to grow in my career. This impact on my own life initially developed astrology as my passion and the dedication to follow my passion helped me to emerge as a professional astrologer. I can provide consultations in English, Hindi, and Punjabi. I make predictions on the basis of the current period and transits. I provide my clients with remedial measures for malefic planets and give stone therapies for the strengthening of weak planets. The remedies so provided by me are very simple, easy to perform without many efforts and proves to be very effective in dealing with different issues of life.


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