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20 Years
About me
Manooj is a renowned astrologer from Kerala whose professionalism and knowledge are famous amongst south Indians. Mr. Manooj has incredible working experience of 20 years in the field. The individual learned astrology with a lot of dedication and perseverance from the age of 14. Knowledge was imparted under Gurukula traditions by his Grandfather Who was one of the famous Astrologer of Kerala Hard work determination and the urge to excel Made Mr.Manooja highly competent knowledgeable resourceful and professional in the field Mr. Manooj is specialized in Ancient Vedic astrology, prashana jothisha and Thambola jothisha ,astamangalya prasna and deep parihara sasthra ( assessing problem and finding solutions) Vasthu sasthra .kerala manthrick Thandrik Skills . He has been known as an impeccable astrologer whose findings and solutions have given magnificent and positive results His ability to preach the future.analyze the present and incorporated directive and corrective measures has changed life person. The depth and range of his customer including residents all over Kerala , people from south India. famous celebrities and politicians, Foreign nationals from Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Oman, Srilanka, Indonesia, U.k,. Russia and U.s.and Indonesia speak volumes of his knowledge and competency. But being humble generous in nature and above all a great human being he never differentiates his customers as rich and poor. His assistant and guidance world definitely be a promising and invaluable asset for a person in the journey of life to overcome the challenges and obstacles and to smoothen the path for a personally and professionally successful, peaceful, prosperous and healthy family life