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Poonaam is a practicing Numerologist and has been working with Switch Words for the last 8 years. Her knowledge is very deep. She combines the technical knowledge of Numerology with profound spiritual disciplines of Yoga and meditation. She has developed many own systematic approaches combining various tools in making judgment of Numerology Chart . She combines various tools of Switch Words and Numerologist which includes divisional charts. some of the tools She uses very effectively. She uses different Energy Circle and Switch words to solve all the problems. She was keen in Numerology subject since her teenage, and to gain cognizance. She not only gained knowledge but also have good experience in numerology. She is able to predict future with details like birth date, day and time. she also offers solution to problems related to career, relationship, finance etc. she offers solutions for any type of problems related to Love marriage, career counselling, Jobs, arrange marriage, health, wealth, studies (in the country or abroad), jobs (abroad or in the country), buying or selling properties, friendship, promotions in jobs, depression and positive & negative vibrations around an individual. She keeps herself update with knowledge related to her subject so She is able to provide and deliver best to her clients, As her main motive is to serve humanity and to heal the world with her solutions.



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