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English, Hindi
3 Years
About me
Mrs Renuu Gupta is a renowned Astrologer in the field of Astrology. She is an expert in Numerology. Over time, Ms. Renuu has given many correct predictions and guider her clients to combat adverse periods with ease and brought stability in life. She offers consultations regarding Foreign Settlement, Marriage, Relationships, Career, Business, Wealth & Property, Education, Health Matters, Legal Matters and much more. She believes in giving her clients 100% Genuine Advice. Mostly she gives effective home remedies to get stability in life. One thing that you can expect from her is that she will never tell you to invest in expensive gemstones in the first place. She thinks that irrespective of their colour, caste and creed everyone should be given 100% Genuine pieces of advice and remedies that everyone can afford. Her main focus is to help people with all her knowledge and skill. Ms. Renuu believes that the various divination sciences are inter-related and must be used in synergy with each other to understand the problems of the querist who comes to seek an answer and provide him/her high quality and sincere guidance. She has a list of repeat clientele from around the world and she also conducts sessions & earning the full trust of her clients in this sensitive line of work. She believes "My purpose in life is to bring souls in darkness and sadness out of the shadows into the sunshine of clarity and determined action"


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