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If i am offline try to join waiting list for old customer * if any important to connect.

Tarot Sahil is a renowned psychic from Punjab having more than 5 years of experience. He is currently pursuing his degree in Neuroscience from Harvard University* Now online. He has severe expertise in psychic readings based on Intuition.  providing clients with the most effective solutions, he utilize multiple tools like psychic readings, tarot  with a greater level of intuitive powers which help him connect with an individual's energies. He provide life coaching to girls from various women cricket coaching girl. He attained the divine knowledge of Vedic astrology from Janet M Parez, He has started this career from Germany. He  has also done a study on Personality Behaviours, type of memories and their effects in an individual's life. 

He provide Readings or  healing sessions to cleint who are :- 

  1. Divorced, female suffering from life's path or feeling discouraged.
  2. Single mother looking for a stability in life but discouraged by surrounding. 
  3. Girls who are interested in any type of sports or wants to live a life on there own but facing parental or society pressure.
  4. Love relationship or broken hearts. For those who are extra sensitive and looking for a advice based on Nourishment and care. 

Important helpful thing before psychic reading session -

  1. Set an intention or purpose of taking a reading, touch your heart chakra and say yes to yourself.
  2. Note your question or quiry. it's always better to note down limited things to ask in once session, to take full benefits of each minute because many of clients really go with the flow too deeply that they almost forget about what they really wanted to know and have to come back again. 
  3. Make sure not much disturbance is in your surroundings because it may effect the accuracy or quality of session.
  4. Contribute positively in Readings. 

Your support helps keep the energies moving and it gives a bulk of a relief naturally so use encouraging language during session. 


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