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Astrologer Dr. Salone is a certified Tarot Reader from New Delhi, having 15 years of experience in the same field. She attained her graduation degree from Delhi University and further on did her PHD in Law. She is one of the Best Tarot Readers in Delhi and is skilled in Tarot Reading, drowsing, Angel Card Reading and Angelic Healing. Clients visit her for several complex issues like business, relationships, health, career and family. Having erudite interest in distinct fields of astrology, she has received several appraisals and acknowledgements in the same till date. She provides explicit piece of advice to all her respective clients. Furthermore, she is one of the Best Online Tarot Readers in Delhi. In addition, she is also a Psychic Reader and Witchcraft Healer who perform white spells for issues like a relationship, health, finance career act. She is also an expert astrologer in Candle & Mind Reading, PLR, Aura Cleaning and Soul Fragmentation. She also provides spiritual consultation and thereby provide valuable remedies regarding the same. She is best known for her online counselling abilities and helping the once in dilemma with her articulated proficiency in Tarot Card Reading,



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