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Vedic Astrologer Pt. Samrat with great intuitive insight is able to counsel thousands of people in distress till date. Being from traditional family has learned basic astrology during school days through family lineage. Being passionate towards Vedic wisdom of seers he has learnt Krishna Yajurveda and obtained formal degree in Palmistry and Vedic astrology and Vastu through certified courses Jyotish Praveen, Jyotish Visharad & Vastu aacharya through Indian Council of Astrological Sciences. He believes in Vedic law of karma, based on which fortune and personality of every human being is formed through different permutation & combination of planets, zodiac & nakshatras mapped through past life karmas giving benific and malefic yogas in different areas of Life effecting relations, love life, education, work, business, wealth, health and many more covering all the aspects of life but of course with enough space for freewill. Understanding what fortune combinations we have got we just need to strengthen our weak links and empower our strengths in terms of Planets, zodiac & nakshatras and thatz the key to success in all walks of life. He can be consulted in any works of life. He is a firm believer that one has to face his destiny however the extent of harm can be reduced and betterment can be elevated further through various vedic remidies as prescribed by various rishis and seers. He believes to make full positive efforts through remedies which he has learnt through Vedic tradition towards helping mankind in distress and anxiety. Solutions provided by him through pooja, jaap, mantra, tantra, daan, gemstones, aushadhi have proven to be helpful to all his clients and benefited many in need and distress.

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