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English, Hindi, Punjabi
5 Years
About me
Shaan Arora is a well renowned tarot card reader , Numerologist, Reiki healer and Law of attraction coach Currently practising in Chandigarh . She is practising this divine science from past few years. Her Positive approach towards life Helps her to understand the dilemmas Of her clients and provide reliable solutions to all their problems. She uses her inner guidance To help others and enlighten their minds. She is a firm believer that all the wisdom comes from one’s higher self . She analyses the cards and It’s her clients to the right path by providing them accurate predictions. She has immense interest in reading spiritual books And believes that the only one who can change our destiny is ourselves. According to her tarot cards represent the exact state of person and helps in predicting their future by knowing the state of their subconscious mind. She has completed her Study in Law but opted for occult to serve Humanity and help people lead a Blissful and Happy life .