Shilpa Dak

English, Hindi
7 Years
About me
Tarot Cards, Numerology, Crystal Healings, Pendulum Dowsing, Angel Card Reading. Hi, I am Shilpa from Mumbai. I am an intuitive reader, who with the help of my Tarot Cards and Numerology knowledge help guide people in their hour of need with empathy and care. Tarot being a beautiful Divination Tool guides us on our path and since it is not set in stone, the path can be changed with our positive or negative energies.I do my readings with honesty and do not give false hopes. I give you remedies through Crystals, Switchwords, Energy Circle and other modes as the need of the hour is. With the help of my Pendulum Dowsing ability, my clients get the answers of a direct Yes or No to their questions. With a few simple remedies, my clients are able to overcome major hurdles/difficulties. I do crystal healings and give remedies through them too. I call upon my Angels to help me in guiding my clients to solve their queries, whether in healing or solutions. They give guiding messages when asked.


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