Sonali Singh

5 Years
About me
Sonali Singh is a renowned Tarot Reader from Gurugram having more than 4 years of experience in the field of occult sciences. She has also possess a divine knowledge of the world of clairvoyance. For 2 decades, she has worked as an Art Director for web series on Amazon and Netflix and also for a pair of Bollywood movies in her own Architecture firm. In addition, she has also been a consulting journalist for a popular news channel. She attained the divine knowledge of Indian astrology from several cities across India and also worldwide. In addition, she conquered her knowledge of astrology practices from different Spiritual Guru, who have divine knowledge of spirituality, ranging from Cape Town, South Africa to Vatican City and from Rome to Italy. Further, she got fascinated by astrological practices from the Louvre in Paris, Sofia, Bulgaria to our Indian cities like Andhra Pradesh and Cochin. By Tarot Card Reading, she provides the most accurate astrology predictions to all her potential clients. Also, she provides the most genuine astrology solutions to her clients by her spiritual intuitive readings. According to her, most life events and incidents are controlled by our destiny, but when appropriate measures are taken to avoid the chances of those events, that’s when astrology comes to the rescue. Further, she says, Tarot Cards provide insights about forecasting the current circumstances and future happenings. Her future predictions are based on the intuitive and psychic powers. She is considered to be the best Astrologers in Gurugram for astrology online. Furthermore, she also expertise in delivering online astrology consultation over different aspects of life like Relationship, Personal Growth, Mental Health, Career, Education, Finance and etc.


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