Swaati Sharma

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astrologer in English, Hindi

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Online astrology experience - 15 Years


Vedic Astrology,  Numerology,  Prashana Astrology,  Tarot Reading,  Medical Astrology,  Progeny Astrology, 


Child Name Consultation,  Match making,  Travel Abroad Consultation,  Marriage Consultation,  Career and Business,  Love and Relationship,  Wealth and Property,  Education Consultancy,  Legal Matters,  Health Consultation,  Shubh Muhurat, 


Online Tarot Reading

Swaati Sharma is one of the best Tarot Card Reader from Delhi. She is working since 15 years in the field of astrology. Her core expertise is Match Making, Travel Abroad Consultation, Career and Business, Love and Relationship and Wealth and Property and Marriage consultation. Her prediction is always accurate. She provides easy remedies. She is known for her online counselling abilities and helping people deal with distress. With her articulated proficiency in Tarot Card Reading, She has done thousands of online Tarot card reading and consultation. Being a millennial herself she has the capability to understand the complex trials and tribulations of the current generation.