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7 Years
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Theresa is a certified Sidereal Vedic Astrologer and Tarot Reader. She received a Business Degree from The University of Phoenix, with a minor focus in Human Resources Management. She worked over 20 years in the corporate business world, and dedicated 13-years in Human Resources, giving her an extensive outlook on working in a corporate environment with all levels of staff. This work experience left her with knowledge in managing individuals or training teams. She began studying Sidereal Vedic Astrology in 2011 and was certified at the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science, which gave her a new way to share ideas with staff who complained of stress and lack of enjoyment while working. The changes her training provided gave her a desire to work with others privately guiding them with a more extensive esoteric comprehension. Consequently, recognizing the importance of helping others on an individual basis encouraged her to leave the business world and in 2016 she became a Life Coach using Vedic Astrology’s timing and cycles as a tool to share what she discovered about her clients. Life Coaching techniques paired with Vedic Astrology gave her great intuition, and later she decided to add Tarot Cards to assist clients in understanding their issues and unperceived resolutions as an extra way to confirm her recommendations. This knowledge led her to speak publicly, and continue her training while attending various Astrology conferences and Tarot classes with like-minded Tarot Readers in the Las Vegas area. Learning the latest trends and improve her understanding of her intuition while assisting others gives her an insight she finds important for her continual involvement in this field. Sharing with others so they can recognize what she sees happening through Astrology or Tarot to get their best-perceived outcome is what she thrives to achieve.  Her experience in guiding others has helped her answer questions about premarital and marriage inquiries, job-related issues, and analysis about childbirth, as well as understanding children’s behavior better for healthier home life. Aiding others has left her with a better understanding of her life path, as she continues to feel gratified when clients share how her expertise helped them understand their life, goals, and aspirations better.