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Vedhika, a health professional by educational qualification. I understand the depth of human life spiritually and practically. At a very young age, I realized that I have a powerful intuition and a higher purpose. As a gift from the Divine, I have been practicing Tarot Cards for my clients for 10 years. My predictions have been 90% accurate. I believe to provide compassionate readings to you where we discuss and resolve the root cause of your concerns. I am also a crystal therapist and you will receive remedies for healing crystal products. I receive guidance from my angels during the reading session and am a medium to give you answers to your questions. I teach Tarot Cards any genuine seekers can learn from me as well. My method of guidance is intuitively based on the messages I receive from Higher dimensional beings with the help of tarot and angel cards as a medium. I am deeply passionate about precious and semi-precious stones crystals and have explored a lot about the metaphysical properties of crystals as a supportive therapy. I restrict myself from sugar-coating my readings just to make someone feel good, although I'm very compassionate during the reading session. The solutions for several issues are very simple yet very effective, as Divine guidance is very subtle and simple.



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