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Vruushali is very charismatic personality promoting Spiritualism as guided by Divine Intelligence and has strong psychic skills making her a natural motivator to lead others on their Spiritual Journey. She began her career in Dubai, UAE after finishing her MBA in Marketing with BBA & B.A in Economics and has worked at various senior levels in Corporate Industry. However, She was always attuned to Metaphysical Sciences since her childhood hence indulging deeper into her intuitive self, She began to serve her Soul mission of healing Souls towards their Lifepath. Her curiosity got her into understanding many Spiritual subjects, meeting Astrologers,Tarot Card readers and researched endlessly to find answers about Past-life, Reincarnation, Rebirth, Afterlife and Karmic lessons to help her Friends,Family & Clients around the globe to restore Universal truth & Peace. She is following her life-path by being a Spiritual Entrepreneur & Writer practicing healing techniques for over 10 years currently based in India. She is also an aspiring author about Love,Life & Break ups as relationships form the most important aspect of Social bonding and truly believes in concept of Unconditional Love. She is very creative and passionate about life and uses her inner instincts and knowledge to help people manifest their true desires. Vruushali has launched You24healings Energy Cafe with a belief that when you have a problem it should be dealt at all levels of Mind, Body, Heart & Soul for healing and closing repeating cycles of same situations. We offer unique healing techniques and guidance services based on Vedic Astrology, Western Astrology & Beyond Astrology ,Quantum Physics, Law of Attraction,Numerology, Tarot / Energy / Oracle Cards readings, Twinflames Relationships Dynamics,Chakras Balancing, Emotional Quotient sessions & Spiritual Lifestyle Programs for Individuals & Corporate. Vastu Designs / Energy Homes is our exclusive concept for designing Spaces with rich interiors whether trendy or antique with perfection & high discipline combining Science of Vaastu Shastra & Chakra Vaastu for endless Prosperity.



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