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Indrani is a professional Tarot Card Reader. She has been practicing as a tarot card reading for 5 years and within a short time earned a formidable name as a skilled and dependable professional. Today she has clients from all spectrums of society who come to her for consultation and vouch for her in-depth understanding of human issues and accuracy in her readings and predictions. She gives consultations in all areas of life but her keen areas are readings for marriage/relationships and career. She is also accomplished in making Patrika and matching horoscopes for marriage. But what she practices goes beyond any theoretical knowledge of the subject. She is an ardent lover of the study of the human mind. She feels astrology should be used to know the human mind through the working of the planets and zodiacs. Once the individual behaviour is understood and the planetary and zodiac effects there of, as an adept astrologer, she gives the required remedial measures. She also believes that nothing is constant in life and therefore she takes efforts to upgrade herself with new skills and knowledge in her area. Her vision as a tarot reader and astrologer is to help people navigate through life by helping them find the emotional and spiritual strength within themselves. She believes destiny is not pre-determined and the future is in our hands. Therefore any form of fortune-telling is to warn us on what may happen. she patiently deals with all her clients and gives them the individual attention required. Mystic Vani lives in New Delhi. She is available for consultations by appointment both in person as well as over the phone.

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