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Astrologer Ramakant has been practising astrology as a profession from the last 15 years. Along with that, he is a student and researcher of Indian Vedic astrology. he has completed his bachelors Shastri and Masters degree in Astrology. specialist in “Rashi Nakshatra”. Other areas of his specialization are Horoscope reading, analysis and matchmaking. astrology in terms of the new generation and how one can cope with the fast-paced lifestyle and the changes required in one’s attitude to bring about a transformation in their lives. The solutions he provides are very easy and work to their optimum level. He is an expert in providing guidance to the issues like health, wealth, love life, relationships, career, finance, education, stock market astrology, accidents and other issues revolving in one’s daily life. He can match the kundali’s for marriage, answer queries regarding kundalis, and any and all marriage predictions. His approach for these predictions is science backed and done with complete precision. He has a vast clientele and his predictions have resulted in being helpful for people dealing with several issues in their lives. His knowledge of astrology guides people in the right direction by helping them take the right decision.

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