Pair of Golden Swan Set

Denotes Wealth | Power | Protection | Good Luck | Prosperity | Success

The spirit of the duck has summoned before you to give a wake-up call. The duck symbolizes clarity, family, love, vigilance, intuition, nurturing, protection, feelings, self-expression, balance, adaptation, grace, and strength.

Benefits of Golden Swan:

  • Symbolize love and relationships and represent fidelity and a strong bond of love.
  • In Feng Shui, ducks are used by people who are single or are struggling to find a life partner.
  • They help solve problems in married life and achieve marital bliss.
  • Make sure the energy and area around them is clean, well lit, attractive and fresh.

Where to Place?

  1. Place it in your bedroom.
  2. It should be displayed as a couple, facing the same direction.

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