Set of 4 Baby Monk Buddha

Denotes Good Luck | Abundance | Happiness | Success | Good Health

The traditional imagery is of the Buddha sitting in meditation. There are other poses for the Buddha-like reclining, standing, and holding various mudras (a symbolic hand gesture). This style of Buddha can be used as a spiritual reminder to cultivate mindfulness, meditation, and wakefulness each day.

Benefits of Monk Set:

  • Decorative Baby Buddha Statue Decorated is handcrafted and perfect as a Home Decor, Showpiece, and Gift item.
  • Buddha’s Idol in laughing Powerful Feng Shui that brings positive energy.
  • You can gift a Laughing Buddha to your friends and relatives.
  • It also adds to your and their prosperity, success, financial gains.

Where to Place?

  1. A Buddha at the entry of your home can be a powerful spiritual reminder as you leave or enter your home. 
  2. Place a Buddha in the knowledge area of your home or bedroom with the intention cultivate and deepen your self-knowledge.
  3. The five elements can be used to help you select a Buddha for the feng shui of your home.

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Price: 499.00