Traveller Laughing Buddha

Denotes Wealth | Good Fortune | Collect Woes | Speedy Recovery

Laughing Buddha is a symbol of luck, fortune, positivity, and prosperity. It is basically a part of Fengshui based on ancient Buddhists Monks who lived in China around the 10th century.

Dimensions: 4 Inch L X 3.5 Inch H X 2 Inch W Inch, Weight: 500g

Benefits of Laughing Buddha: 

  • Balance of thoughts and tranquillity.
  • Symbol of good luck.
  • Represents Happiness and Prosperity.
  • It Brings Blessings and Good Health.

Where to Place?

  1. In front of your main door - Attracts luck and fortune.
  2. In the children’s room - Helps them to focus on study and respect parents.
  3. In the Southeast direction - Brings godsend fortunes and expanded wages in the family.
  4. On the Office Desk - Gives a hike in salary and eliminates enemies.

Return Policy: 10 days Return & Replacement Policy

Astrotalk Guarantee: 100% Genuine and Authentic

Always place Buddha at the height of equal to eye level. Energized & Free Shipping 

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Price: 399.00