9 Ratti Natural Iolite (Neeli)

Represents Spirit of Journey | Exploration | Imagination | Spirituality

Lab Certified. Energized. Certificate Included. Free Shipping. Gemstone is available only in Panchdhatu Ring/Pendant.

  • Purpose:
    Promotes Professional Success, Cures Unhealthy Addictions, and Bestows Mental Peace & Sound Sleep. It brings solace to people suffering from depression, disorientation, and lack of motivation in life.
  • How to Wear:
    You can wear it as a ring on the middle finger or pendant especially on Saturday morning.
  • Symbolizes:
     Professional Success, Financial Stability and Mental Strength
  • Origin:
  • Return Policy:
    10 days Return & Replacement Policy
  • Astrotalk Guarantee:
    100% Genuine, Lab Certified, and Authentic.

Please Note: If you book this gemstone you will get in Panchdhatu Pendant. If you would like to choose anything other than the Pendant You can select it from the ADD ON section. 

*Here is a short guide for Carat to Ratti interconversion:*

1 carat = 200 mg = 0.20g
1 Ratti = 182 mg = 0.18g
*1 Ratti = 0.90 carats or 1 carat = 1.09 Ratti*

Price: 9,000.00