Gemstone Consultation Offer

Find the right Gemstone for you as per your Birthchart

Please Note: 100% Cashback will be credited to your wallet within 4 days ONLY if you order the Gemstone as suggested by Panditji within 7 days of consultation. Once we get the order, we will connect you with Panditji on chat/call as per your astrologer's availability. 

Why You Should Consider Expert Advice Before Wearing Any Gemstone?

More significant than wearing a Gemstone, is to select the best  Gemstone that improves the body control and the physiology of the individual and prompts better mental stage, increment in will power and self-confidence. Gemstones are utilized worldwide however in an incorrect manner. If the selection isn't appropriate then the awful impacts will occur. As clarified above a certified Astrologer can figure out which Gemstone will be Suitable/productive for a person. people should not wear a gemstone on a test premise, as they can cause more damage than great, if not picked righty.

Do Gemstones really work?

Gemstones work, but they are not magic. They take their time. But when a substance of such strong vibration touches your body, day and night, it certainly affects the body and especially the Nervous System and the spiritual aura of an individual. Just like medical science, the success of gemstone therapy too, depends on how properly and correctly it’s implemented. If you’re new to the world of gemstones and want to be benefited through the amazing science of astro-gemology, the following points can be quite helpful for you.

How Gemstone work?

Gems are worn for drawing additional energy from the respective planets they represent so that the deficiency if any in the planetary rays at the time of birth is automatically rectified and a weak planet turns into a strong one. So if a planet is benefic but weak one should wear its gem in order to give it the required strength. For example If in a horoscope Sun is weak , then that person should wear Ruby as the Gem for Sun is Ruby. A Ruby will absorb and transmit Sun’s Energy to the body of the wearer and strengthen it i.e it will become strong and will boost the results given by Sun to that particular native.