Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stone

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Resonating with the throat and 3rd eye chakras, Lapis Lazuli comes from the Pesian word for ‘blue’.  A favorite stone of the Egyptians where it was believed to contain the soul of the gods, is considered a key to Spiritual Attainment.  Stimulating personal and Spiritual power, enhancing dream work and metaphysical abilities, and promoting clarity, objectivity, & self-awareness, Lapis Lazuli is a high vibration stone and a powerful thought amplifier.  Good to use for healing throat chakra issues, this stone harmonizes the body, mind, emotions, and spirit to bring deep inner self knowledge and facilitates expressing your own opinions.  Lapis Lazuli aids in taking charge of Life!  Carry one to bring honesty, compassion, serenity, love, and friendship.


Please Note that the Price is charged for the weight of 250gm.

Price: 1,500.00