Rose Quartz Mandarin Duck

Foster a loving environment where heartaches are lessened and mutual support between partners is encouraged.

These two Mandarin Ducks are made of Rose Quartz crystal and the lotus leaf is made of Aventurine. The Mandarin Ducks alone are a potent Love Charm but the use of the love stone Rose Quartz to make them simply increase its potency by many folds over!

The Rose Quartz Pink Quartz or the stone of unconditional love is the most highly revered and desired stone of the quartz group because it is believed to have the ability to greatly enhance love and romance luck in every aspect of your life. For those who are single, this love charm will attract to you a loyal and loving partner, who will stay with you for life. For those who are in a relationship, this love stone will quicken the process and stabilize the relationship with marriage. This Love Charm  will also revitalize the fire in a marriage, and rejuvenate both feelings and desire. Also, for individuals who have been hurt and had their hearts broken before, the Rose Quartz is said to help heal the old wounds of the past by promoting compassion and forgiveness which will set yourself free from the negative emotions controlling you, and purifies and opens your mind and heart. An open heart is the key for many miracles to manifest in life - not only true love and healthy relationships, but also wealth and prosperity.

Please Note only the Ducks will be Sent

Price: 2,600.00