7 Dangerous Doshas in Kundli

Mangal Dosha

This Dosha causes an imbalance in the marital bliss of couples.

Kaal Sarp Dosha

This shop brings a string of setbacks and bad luck.

Nadi Dosha

This Dosha causes complications with children and several troubles in managing marriage.

Pitru Dosha

As a result of this Kundli Dosha, one experiences pain and suffering unexpectedly. One can see its effects on their personal life.

Guru Chandal Dosh

This Dosha hinders the wealth, education, and optimism in the living surroundings of the native.

Grahan Dosh

This Dosha brings family issues and issues related to children and childbirth.

Shani Dosh

 The native suffers intensely if a malefic Saturn were to move over the first, second, or twelfth houses during a transit.

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