7 Dangerous Doshas in Kundli And Their Effects On Your Life

Doshas in Kundli

In your Kundli, where on one end, the Yoga builds your life, on the other end, the Dosha makes it weak. They are universal and foreboding and inspire a lot of terror. But once you have some insight, the terror of the unknowable disappears. Here, we are attempting to comprehend what a Dosha in the Kundli is and how these Doshas in Kundli can impact your life that your Kundli may contain.

So, how this exactly works?

The placement of a bad planet in your birth chart causes certain impacts on your life that may harm you unexpectedly. A birth chart or Janma Kundli is a diagram that shows how the planets were aligned when you were born. The place of birth with the time is necessary for understanding the Yogas & Doshas in Kundli.

Using the same, astrologers can effortlessly identify the happy or difficult situations you may experience in life. Some Doshas in the horoscope are more impactful than others. Let us read in detail the positions and arrangements that result in a Kundli Dosha.

Major Doshas in Kundli to notice

Many planetary combinations can provide difficulties in your life or prevent you from achieving your goals. They carry with them other challenges too. However, the good news is that many remedies shall help a native erase their impacts and make life better. 

Mangal Dosha

Cause of Mangal Dosha: Placement of Mars in specific houses

One of the most common Dosha that makes the native confront many issues in their life is the Kuja Dosha or Mangal Dosha. It occurs when the planet Mars places itself in a non-favorable position. 

When Mars is in the 1st house, 4th house, 7th house, 8th house, or 12th house in your Kundli, a Mangal Dosha is triggered. Some astrologers also count Mangal Dosha in South Indian charts when Mars is in the 2nd house. 

You can see its prominent effect in your post-marriage life. As a result, it causes an imbalance in the marital bliss of the couples.

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Kaal Sarp Dosha

Cause of Kaal Sarp Dosha: Placement of all the planets between Rahu & Ketu

A Kaal Sarp Dosha is one of the most well-known Doshas in Kundli. It is notorious for making life difficult for its natives. Though it is amongst the Dosha natives rarely have when it occurs, yet, makes the life of the native hard to deal with. 

Consider the following scenario: Rahu is in Aries, and Ketu is in Scorpio in your Kundli. So, if the rest of the seven planets fall between Rahu-Ketu and zodiac signs Taurus and Libra, you possess a Kaal Sarp Dosha. It will probably result in a string of setbacks and bad luck. Click here to read about different types of Kaal Sarp Dosha

Nadi Dosha

Cause of Nadi Dosha: Difference in the Nadi in a potential couple

Nadi is one of the characteristics people match using the Ashtakoota method during Kundli Milan before marriage. The three Nadi subtypes that exist are Aadi, Madhya, and Antya. With 8 Guna out of a possible 36, it is the most significant aspect of the male and the female Kundli matching.

Nadi Dosh is the term used to describe when two Nadis in the horoscope are incompatible. It inevitably causes complications with children and several troubles in managing marriage.

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Pitru Dosha

Cause of Pitru Dosha: The placement of the Sun/Moon concerning Rahu/Ketu

The placement of Saturn and Rahu in the Kundli, coupled with the Sun or Moon, determines the Pitru Dosha. It has its origins in the karmic obligation of ancestors. This Dosha in Kundli occurs due to their bad deeds, unsatisfied souls unable to rest, or some wrongdoings committed by ancestors in their past life.

As a result of this Kundli Dosha, one experiences pain and suffering unexpectedly. Moreover, you shall see its effects on your personal life, interactions with others, and family dynamics. The conjunction or aspect of the Sun or Moon to Rahu or Ketu in your natal chart results in the Pitru Dosha. If this conjunction occurs in the 1st, 5th, 8th, or 9th house, it becomes extremely hazardous.

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Guru Chandal Dosh

Cause of Guru Chandal Dosha: Placement of Jupiter with Rahu/Ketu

Though Guru (Jupiter) is considered the wisest and most powerful, its combination with Rahu and Ketu are not as beneficial. This planet of wisdom, education, justice, and Dharma can bring headaches to your life if it conjoins with Rahu or Ketu in your birth chart. The combination of Jupiter and Rahu brings the most adversities.

With Sun and Mars, Rahu also creates Surya Chandal Dosh and Mangal Chandal Dosh. However, the Guru Chandal Dosha is the most notorious for bringing instability. The conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu/Ketu overshadows the benefic effects of Jupiter. Quite the contrary, it hinders the wealth, education, and optimism in the living surroundings of the native.

Grahan Dosh

Cause of Grahan Dosha: Eclipses and Placement of Sun/Moon

As the name suggests, the Grahan Dosha is effective if you were born at the time of the Solar eclipse or Lunar Eclipse. It happens when the Sun or the Moon in your horoscope is in conjunction with either Rahu or Ketu.

The Grahan Dosha is one of the most powerful Dosha that can affect your life in many negative ways. It can halt your progress and bring perpetual frustration to your life if you don’t detect it on time. It also brings family issues and issues related to children and childbirth.

Shani Dosh

Cause of Shani Dosha: Placement of Saturn in Kundli

It sounds risky to have a Shani Dosh in your Kundali. Don’t be afraid of the great Saturn without cause. Saturn’s positions and transits in a birth chart are not necessarily bad.

Sade Saati, Shani Dhaiya, and Mahadasha of Shani are three different manifestations of the Shani Dosha. This Dosha will only cause difficulties if Saturn is malefic in your Kundli.

Your chart’s placement of Shani, known as Yoga Karak, and its exaltation decrease the likelihood that you may experience the negative effects of Shani Dosha. However, the native suffers intensely if a malefic Saturn were to move over the first, second, or twelfth houses during a transit.

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