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Love horoscope for all zodiac signs

Love is one of the most endearing feelings one can experience. We are usually exposed to love from a very tender age but experience the romantic version of it only after a certain period of time. Love in modern times comes as a spell of relief as when in love, we can truly be ourselves with the other person without having to compromise our feelings just for the sake of the world. Love is associated with a range of positive emotions, such as happiness, excitement, pleasure, and so on, which eventually make our life worth living. Love, however, at times, is so complicated to understand that despite being the most studied emotion, it is still the least understood. And thus, to help one understand love better is the Love horoscope for the day.

Who doesn’t love to be in love? While some do it for the pleasure of company, some, on the other hand, find it obvious to follow God's intended plan. Overall, whatever the reason, falling in love is never a bad idea, which is one of the many things that your Today’s love horoscope will often tell you.

Love and Astrology

In astrology, planet Venus governs love and all the mushy things and feelings that come with being in love. If you have a strong Venus in your kundli at the time you were born, believe yourself to be an emotional, sensual, caring and a very loving person (even if you don’t show it). Apart from that, Venus rules over our sentiments and pleasure we crave in life, be it physical or matelistic. Through Venus, we learn about our tastes, pleasures, artistic inclinations, and what makes us happy. We also learn the feeling that love is and how to induct it in our life.

The planet Venus in astrology rules over the Libra and Taurus zodiac signs, thus making the natives belonging to these zodiac signs very sensual, loving, and romantic. While modern love has us doubting the intention of everyone we meet, Taurus and Libra, on the other hand, can shatter those doubts for you. The two zodiac signs see love as magic and literally hold the torch of making love. But that doesn't mean that these two zodiac signs are the only one’s loyal in love or simply, lovable.

Today’s love horoscope doesn’t differentiate among zodiac signs when it comes to love and appreciates how people belonging to other zodiac signs can be really romantic too. In astrology, it is the positiveness of Venus in your chart that decides the future of your love life. If at any point in time, Venus is positive in your chart, you shall see less friction in relationships and more opportunities at love. On the other hand, if the Venus in Kundli is placed negatively, that is, in bad conjunction, or in an enemy house, then in such cases, your love life may take a negative turn.

Saturn and Mercury are Venus’s friendly zodiac signs. Likewise, Pisces is the friendly zodiac sign to Venus. When Venus is placed with these zodiac signs or planets in your Kundli, expect the love quotient in your love life to increase. Keeping a track of these planets and zodiac signs and their movement is how Today’s love horoscope is prepared at Astrotalk. The love horoscope is thus astrological in nature and allows the native a 360-degree picture of his love life.

Aries Today's Love Horoscope

Personal: Better things are about to pop-up at the horizon, this day may prove to be a day of change for natives of Aries. The horoscope for the day is full of optimism, good energy and enthusiasm in regards to your love life. Travel: You may visit a spiritual retreat rich with natural beauty far away from your home... read more

Taurus Today's Love Horoscope

Personal: Your partner knows that something isn't going all too well in your relationship. You are the one who's going to decide if it's going to be worth fighting for. Single signs will be fascinated by a stunning Gemini. Travel: Traveling can be very exhausting, so make sure that you are mentally ready... read more

Gemini Today's Love Horoscope

Personal: Try not to let other people's opinions of your love life take over your thoughts. Look inside yourself and do what you want, and what is right for you. Travel: Don’t overbook yourself this week, or you will end up spending far more time travelling than expected. Money: Luck, chance, and what-ifs ... read more

Cancer Today's Love Horoscope

Personal: Commitment and hard work can bring wonderful results in relationships, in fact your love relationship has all the essential ingredients Cancer crave and thrive on right now. Travel: Travel for work related conferences is favored. Money: You are lucky in leading groups and arranging big events. Career:... read more

Leo Today's Love Horoscope

Personal: You may have the feeling that your search has no end, stay positive, surround yourself with enthusiastic people, your Leo horoscope recommends you to try new things. Long lasting relationships are tested, but the more stable they are, the easier it is to overcome obstacles. Travel: Suddenly, you may need t... read more

Virgo Today's Love Horoscope

Personal: You could have the feeling that your search has no end, stay positive, surround yourself with enthusiastic people, your Virgo horoscope recommends you to try new things. Long lasting relationships are tested, but the more stable they are, the easier it is to overcome obstacles. Travel: Today is favorable f... read more

Libra Today's Love Horoscope

Personal: Oh Libra... You probably won't feel like discussing your issues with your partner today, but it would be good for you if you did an activity that would bring you closer together. Single signs will enjoy flirting. Travel: You don't have to be fluent in the language of the country that you are visiti... read more

Scorpio Today's Love Horoscope

Personal: If you are in a relationship, your partner notices that you are behaving a little off. Single enjoy the company of other water signs today. Travel: It might be better for you if you just stayed where you are today. Going places feel exhausting and you just don't have the energy for that. Money: The num... read more

Sagittarius Today's Love Horoscope

Personal: Communication is of great importance in any relationship. So, if anything is going wrong, it’s important that the two of you keep talking. Single signs may feel attracted to Cancer signs. Travel: If someone from your friend group has talked about traveling, ask them if you can join them. It will be c... read more

Capricorn Today's Love Horoscope

Personal: Affection and passion are two things that can fix your relationship right now. Don’t be afraid to show your feelings. Single signs will talk to their crush today. Travel: Today is a perfect day to travel by either bus or train. People who travel by airplane might experience some bad luck today. Luck... read more

Aquarius Today's Love Horoscope

Personal: Single Aquarius feel good around Virgo signs today. If you are in a long distance relationship, you will feel a little lonely today. You are very likely missing being able to see and touch your partner. Travel: The ideal place for you to visit is going to be Dubrovnik, Croatia. It might be a bit pricey, bu... read more

Pisces Today's Love Horoscope

Personal: Are you really into them or do you just like the attention? That's a question that single Pisces signs are going to be asking themselves quite often today. Taken signs feel the romantic energy that Venus is sending them. Travel: Traveling is so exciting! You will meet someone who will change your life ... read more

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