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Looking for your weekly horoscope? Astrotalk can help you put an end to your search. On Astrotalk, the astrologers, on a regular basis, caters horoscopes, including weekly horoscopes, that are prepared after considering the movement of the planets in Vedic astrology. This movement of the Vedic planets can be both positive and negative for the native, and the work of the horoscopes for the week ahead is to highlight their influences, their effect, and the associated remedies that one can adopt to ensure that you are safeguarded from the negative effect of the planets.

The weekly horoscope, besides a dose of insights into the good and bad of the week, also brings you tips and tricks that you can consider to make your life happening. These tips, yet again, are suggested by expert astrologers and practising them, in some way or the other, will help you in making the best use of your week. With the weekly horoscope, we make sure you are well aware of what's going to come for you in the future so that you are well prepared for the uncertainties and can take actions that only better your life.

Aries Weekly Horoscope

Avoid tying your enjoyment to other persons or things; instead, tie it to a goal, advises the Aries weekly horoscope. This week, to put it gently, will be revolutionary since you are not focusing on the negative people in your vicinity. The personal space you have created for yourself is bound to be destroyed, so at ... read more

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

The finest connection is loyalty, happiness is the greatest wealth, and good health is the ultimate blessing. The Taurus weekly horoscope states that although time is a mirror of your life thus far, it may cause you to reevaluate your objectives. Your lifelong concern with financial goods is putting your inner growth... read more

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

A new door will open when the previous one closes. But too often, we are so preoccupied with the locked door that we miss the door that has been unlocked for us. This week's subject is focusing on the positive aspects of life while recalling the negative aspects of the past. The problems and barriers you encounte... read more

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

The lords of your thoughts are your conceptions, and the reverse is true. The emotional anguish you have gone through has surely taken a toll on your contentment and serenity, according to the weekly horoscope. Venus in Pisces will square Mars in Gemini on February 4, bringing about some inner tranquillity. If anythi... read more

Leo Weekly Horoscope

Joy is like a feather: the more you chase it, the harder it continues to elude you; however, if you put your attention elsewhere, it will approach you and rest gently upon your shoulder. The Leo weekly horoscope advises that you must release yourself from the bonds of wishes before becoming imprisoned by them. You wi... read more

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

An optimistic person seems to have everything, and an optimistic person is healthy. Your way of life has led to sluggishness and tiredness, which have always been effects of your disregard for your health. According to the Virgo weekly horoscope, you should take it easy and focus on your mental and physical health. A... read more

Libra Weekly Horoscope

Beware of unnecessary expenses. A little leak has the power to sink a massive ship. The peaks and troughs of your financial status will be the focus of this week's Libra weekly horoscope. Venus in Pisces will square Mars in Gemini on February 4, which will put friendships and social life front and centre in your ... read more

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Love requires respect in order to exist. Without faith, there is no reason to continue. Your life will continue to be dominated by relationships this week. As a result, the variety of connections that are entwined with your existence will likely experience many ups and downs. You must keep a healthy balance between w... read more

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

We possess and have access to the best treasures that civilization has to give. You will acquire actual fulfilment and joy using the same throughout the week. You can find yourself in a materialistic race that leaves you psychologically spent, worn out, and continually craving more. Your requests will be granted, but... read more

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

According to which one of the three alternatives you select, your life might be saved, squandered, or consumed. Start making this expenditure, suggests the Capricorn weekly horoscope, and change your route in life to follow your passion. You spent the previous weeks leading a life of anonymity, even though you are so... read more

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

The Aquarius weekly horoscope states that you have no control over anything other than how you react to what happens. There may be obstacles and setbacks throughout the week, but your persistence and fortitude will ensure that you conquer them all with vigour. However, this week will be challenging for your professio... read more

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

You will meet two different kinds of people in life: those that uplift you and individuals who drag you down. But in the end, you'll be appreciative of them both. Your connections and sentiments will feature prominently, according to the Pisces weekly horoscope, and you'll be emotionally fraught. As usual, yo... read more

Check Your Weekly Horoscope

Sunday - Saturday

Wondering what the upcoming week is going to be like for you? Well, the insightful Weekly horoscope of yours on the AstroTalk platform can share a lot of information about the week to come for you. Weekly horoscope works on the scenario that with the change of dates, one’s fate also changes. The change in fate is driven by the shift of planets, especially the Moon and the Sun. Also, the remaining seven planets in astrology also change a lot for the person on a weekly basis. These planets not only move from one zodiac sign to another but also shift from one house of the kundli to another to change many prospects for you. 

A good way to help you understand how the movement of planets influence one’s fate and the horoscope would be by an example. Consider the planet Sun. In astrology, the Sun is considered a very auspicious planet. The Sun occupies various houses in one’s kundli. These 12 houses denote different traits like love, money, enemies, career, foreign travel and much more. If Sun, for example, is occupying the second house of your kundli, which is the house of finance, then you are most likely to see gains in terms of your finances. However, if another dreaded planet such as Ketu and Rahu are occupying the second house, you may experience a fall in your financial stability. The same goes for other houses like the 4th house in Kundli, which is the house of Family, or the 8th house, which represents death, longevity, and unexpected incidents. 

Similarly, different planets, as they move, transits and retrograde from one zodiac sign to another on a regular basis. This transition also has an effect on one’s fate. A study of all these phenomena is done by expert astrologers to prepare your weekly horoscope. The weekly horoscope for different zodiac signs gives one an insight into various aspects like your health, your financial prospects, relationship, travel and much more. The weekly horoscope is prepared after a deep study of the planet's movements and thus can better inform you about what's to come for you ahead in your life. Using the information, you shall plan your week accordingly to get the best results for yourself. 

Over the years, many people have found the weekly horoscope predictions by AstroTalk useful in planning their life accordingly. Especially in a week that has a festival or a big astronomical event, like a grahan, schedule, the astrologers share the best of their predictions to ensure you are able to absorb the best out of the auspiciousness of the day and acquire the blessings of the divine by doing exactly what they wish you to do. The weekly horoscope predictions made on the AstroTalk platform are for a period starting from Sunday of a week till Saturday.  

Also, for your convenience, when you opt to read your weekly horoscope on AstroTalk, we ensure the language we use here is simple, insightful and allows you the best astrological logic and knowledge without any hassle. You can read your horoscope today on both the AstroTalk app and AstroTalk website absolutely free of cost. Our aim as a brand is to better the lives of anyone who decides to spend their precious time to find us and the weekly horoscope makes a part of it. Apart from the weekly horoscope, you can also read your daily horoscope and yearly horoscope, on AstroTalk, one of which covers even the minutest details of the day and the other, on the other hand, is a broad perspective of what the upcoming year is going to be like for you. 

Moreover, if the weekly horoscope doesn’t quench your thirst for information, then you can always talk to astrologer to get more astrological predictions about your life. 

Weekly Horoscope - FAQs

Weekly horoscope predictions are based on Sun sign or Moon sign?

The weekly horoscope predictions are based on your Sun sign. 

What does weekly horoscope predictions entail?

The weekly horoscope predictions entail information on what your week is going to be like in terms of various aspects like relationship, health, wealth, career, travel and more. 

Who prepares the weekly horoscope?

The weekly horoscope on the AstroTalk platform is prepared by the learned astrologers after considering the moment of the planets.

What other information can I get from the weekly horoscope?

Besides predictions about health, wealth, love and more, you can also get insights into astrology related aspects like Vastu, gemstones, astrological events like transits and much more. 

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